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Ctra. de Avià a Cal Rosal, km. 2,3 – Avià – Barcelona Map
The surroundings

The surroundings

A unique location

Good food? Skiing? Hiking? Art and culture? The privileged location of Casa Horta allows to have at hands several activities and places of interest during your stay. Some of the highlights are:

Gastronomy: boletus and game food

bolets a mercat

Boletus in a market

Mushrooms or boletus are the most characteristic ingredient in Berguedà cuisine. The special landscape of the county with high mountains, the lowlands and the hilly forest next to the Lluçanès make possible to find them throughout the year. Fredolic soup is probably one of the signatured dishes of the local mushroom cuisine.

But there is also the black pea, a legume from the high mountains as weird as sweet and tasty.

Patates emmascarades (crushed potatoes) and quince alioli are both two dishes closely related to the popular cuisine. Aromes de Queralt (a 30 degrees liquor), almonds and hazelnuts cookies from the town of Vilada and pa de fetge –a sort of pate- are also essentials.

And don’t forget the Bauma cheese from Borredà, currently one of the most valued and famous catalan cheeses.

[Foto: Xavi Caballé]




Located close to the small town of Berga, the village of Avià enjoys a privileged Romanic footprint. Several buildings in the old village neighbourhood are bright exemples of an unique style, plain and fine at the same time. The brightest star is Santa Maria d’Avià churc, with an spectacular altarpiece, a copy from the original one, now stored and on display at Museu Nacional de Catalunya.

Furthermore, the village has a remarkable gastronomic offer and a stunning location. It combines the rural landscape and its quietness with excellent road communications

[Foto: ajuntament d'Avià]

Berga and La Patum

La patum

Berga’s La Patum

Dynamic, open-minded and charming, Berguedà area capital has always played a role of bridge between the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees. Crowned by its medieval castle (around wich the city spreaded), the old town is topped with some museums and cultural facilities, such as Espai d’interpretació de la Natura (center for interpretation of the local nature), the Col·lecció del Circ Josep Vines (the Josep Vines circus colletion) or Casa de la Patum (the house of the Patum).

Precisely is La Patum the feast that boosted Berga to the exclusive list of must-see international celebrations. Fire, music and dance invade the town for tree days, for the catholic celebration of Corpus, in an eternal parade of people, symbolic hand-made mythological creatures and masquerades. The feast has been declared Intangible Heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO.

A result from the mix of both catholic and pagan rituals, La Patum symbolically burns Berga once a year, by the end of June.


Nostra Senyora de Queralt sanctuary

Santuari de nostra senyora de Queralt

Nostra Senyora de Queralt

The best views of the area are, no doubt of it, from this sanctuari next to Berga and Avià. For this reason the facility, located 1.200 m. height, is given the alias of “Catalonia’s balcony”.

Santa Maria de Queralt is the right place to spend a family day. Going by car, if you’d like to, and covering the last stage by cable railway (closed on mondays). You can visit its two churches. One of them holds the image of the Mother of God, found, according to the legend, in a near cave. You will also find a restaurant and a remarkable baroque-like building, next to the new church.

Getting there by foot, though, is the best chance to enjoy the spectacular landscape, the woods and its pure air. A short trekking allows, in addition, to find several refreshing wells in your way to the top. The trekking will, easy-medium type, will take you one hour approx.

[Foto: Queralt jqmj]

El Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró

Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró

Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró

Nature lovers have a paradise in the serra del Cadí. The natural park, under the imposing Pedraforca watch (2.506 m.), offers a wide range of excursions for all levels. From the easiest trekkings to those that last for several days .

This is a formidable place for climbing, with easy rocks, mid-level walls and advanced skills areas, such as the famous Pedraforca’s north face, one of the finest in our country.

The wealth of the park is remarkably good. It includes chamois, foxes, kestrels and tawnies, among others. Also, its great population and wide range of butterflies are a unique attraction. The vegetation combines alpine species such as fir trees with Mediterranean ones like oaks, beeches and boxwood plants.

[foto: Queralt jqmj]


ParaglidingIn front of you, a meadow which, suddenly, becomes a cliff. Adrenalin. One, two, three and you blast off running. You are getting close to the cliff and you are not stopping. You run even faster and then you notice you are been lifted up. One jump. Happiness. You are fliying.

No matters how many times you try. The feeling is always the same intense. Unforgettable. The landscape, the world, is at your feet. Bird view all seems different. The privilege is yours.

Avià is the right place to go paragliding, no matter if you are an expert o a rookie. In this case, there is a tandem parachute waiting for you.

[Foto: Pascal Vuylsteker]


Valls d'Andorra

Go skiing, shopping, relaxing… Casa Horta is a very good place for one-day trip to Andorra. Its ski resorts (considered among the best of Europe), its health center or the wide shooping offer make the Pyrenees small country in a must-see destination.

[Foto: Neusitas]

Skiing at La Molina and Masella


In the North face of Cadí-Moixeró natural park, at the top of this massif that is the natural divide between the Berguedà and la Cerdanya areas, is located one of the main attractions for ski fans and for those who come to the region during winter season.

The La Molina and Masella, resorts, linked by the cable railway Alp2500, set the biggest ski facility in western Pyrenees, with 133km of ski slopes for all leves skiers and surfers.

Only 45 min. by car -through the Cadí tunnel- away from Avià. You can visit this snowy paradise from middle November to April.

[Foto: Masella resort]


Activitats esportives a la natura

You can also enjoy a wide range of sporting activities in a privileged natural environment, such as hiking (trekking), cycling (mountain biking or road), kayaking in the La Baells reservoir, climbing in Pedraforca, and so on.




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